Sobeys Baby Be Healthy Program & Contest

Baby Be Healthy

Additionally to celebrate the program, Sobeys is holding an online contest for a chance to win one of four Baby Be Healthy gift baskets filled with baby products and a $250 gift card. What is Baby Be Healthy? • Offered by Sobeys and FreshCo in-store pharmacies, Baby Be Healthy is a free program designed to support patients in all stages of their pregnancy including prenatal and postnatal care up to when their child reaches two years of age. Baby Be Healthy offers … [Read more...]

3d & 4d Ultrasounds

When I had my daughter I had a 3d ultrasound. It is something that I would do again if I have another child. The images from the 3d ultrasound are so amazing. I remember I got tears in my eyes when I saw my daughter for the first time. I paid a little extra and walked away with a cd of the 3d ultrasound. It had amazing images on it and little videos where I could watch my daughter moving. It is worth the extra few dollars if you have the option of purchasing a cd of your 3d ultrasound. I … [Read more...]

It Brought A Tear To Our Eyes!

I want to talk about one of the best things a pregnant mom can buy. It is a very inexpensive item, but the memories and quiet pondering moments it brought to me are simply irreplaceable. What I am talking about is this tiny, little book that you read to your baby in utero. More about the book in a moment. We all know that our babies hear our voices when they are in the womb. So we often hear people say to talk to your baby or read to them while they are in utero. So I decided to do this … [Read more...]

Great Resources for New Parents

Today I was browsing through the local paper and came across a new mother asking if there were any resources on the web for new mothers. Well, the answer to that question is YES! There are a ton of resources for new parents. The article mentioned a resource called Health Section! If you are a new parent I would recommend stopping by the Zero To Three website. Another option for new parents is to check out the parenting blogs, like ours! We as parents like to blog about our experiences and … [Read more...]

Baby Shower

I found a wonderful resource for putting on a Baby Shower. If you are the pregnant mom reading this blog, be sure to tell your girlfriend's planning your baby shower to stop by here and read this blog first. Baby Showers should be fund and easy to plan. For those planning the baby shower, it is often easier to plan if you have attended a baby shower before. If you have never attended a baby shower then you might be a little nervouse and wondering what games you will play at the shower. … [Read more...]


My Angel - Copy

I am not a doctor so I can only talk about my experience. I can tell you what worked for me and what really did not work. In my situation, in order to get pregnant I had to use the services of a fertility clinic. I did not use fertility drugs. I did not use IVF. I was in a situation where in order to have children, I had to get pregnant by way of donor insemination. So I can talk about the donor insemination process that I went through. Remember that I am not aware of all the processes in … [Read more...]

Getting Ready for Baby

I want to talk about getting ready for baby and what you can do the days leading up to the arrival of baby that will help you for when you first come home with baby. You probably will have your friends offering to help out and wondering what they can do to help you get ready for baby. They are probably pretty excited for you. This is my biggest suggestion that if you listen to you will be so happy that you did....When your friends are offering to help and no one is really sure what they can … [Read more...]

Pregnancy Books

One of the most common things that pregnant women go out and buy as soon as they are pregnant is a pregnancy book. So much happens to our body when we are pregnant that we want to know all we can about the changes as they happen. We also want to know everything about the little one growing inside of us. We want to know where they are in their stage of development. When can they hear, when do they start kicking, when do they suck their thumb, we want to know it all. The moment I became … [Read more...]