Good Night, Sleep Tight Reward Chart

A company that I love to work with is The Victoria Chart Company. I love to work with them because I love their products. I think that all their products are positive for children in their development and advancement.

If you are not familiar with he Victoria Chart Company, they are creators of wonderful reward charts, journals and meal planners. Their products are available in the U.K., the USA and more recently in Canada. I have tried and tested all of The Victoria Chart Company’s products and I love them all. I would not hesitate for one moment to recommend them to anyone wanting to reward their children for their good behavior or to encourage their child to keep focusing on good/wanted behaviors.

The latest Victoria Chart Company product that I tested out was the Good Night, Sleep Tight Reward Chart.

A reward chart to create the perfect bedtime routine for your child. It provides a step by step routine with tips and guidelines to help you give your child a healthy nights sleep.

Gold star stickers reward the pre-bedtime routine such as putting on pyjamas, brushing teeth, reading bedtime book and getting into bed. In the morning smiley face stickers reward the successfully accomplished night sleep for such things as staying in own bed, not calling out and falling asleep naturally. Supportive tips and guidelines are included to help you get the best result from your chart.

Large chart (11 x 17 inches), 48 reusable gold star stickers, 130 reusable smiley face stickers, supportive information sheet showing working example, tips and guide lines, dry erase marker, sticky mounting pads for the wall.

The Good Night, Sleep Tight Reward Chart is recommended for children ages 2 and up. It is a wonderfully, colorful chart that got my youngest looking forward to her bedtime routine which quickly encompassed the rewards going onto the chart. She also began to look forward to her waking and getting smiley face stickers first thing in the morning. The reward chart created a very positive time and feeling around going to bed, staying asleep and waking in the morning.

I was excited about reviewing this chart during the school year and now into the summer months, because I have been able to see how it worked when life is more structured, such as during the school year, and when live gets a little more out of a routine, such as in the summer months. I love how the chart helps out when routine is so important during the school year. What I also love, is how the reward chart keeps us on track in the summer months when our schedules can tend to be more laid back and structure slip to the side. It helps us all stay on the same page as to how our routines will be and what the expectations are.

If you are in the USA and wish to find out more or purchase a reward chart of your own, please visit the Official US Victoria Chart Company Website. In Canada, you can purchase The Victoria Chart Company Charts from their Official Etsy Store.

Courtesy of The Victoria Chart Company, one lucky MomMomOnTheGo fan is going to be the lucky winner of a Good Night, Sleep Tight Reward Chart. This contest is open to residents of Canada only who are over the age of 18 years old and where it is permitted by local laws to enter and win contests.

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Disclaimer – MomMomOnTheGo was provided a Good Night, Sleep Tight Reward Chart for the purpose of this review. The opinions found within this review are those of MomMomOnTheGo and are based on the experiences from using the chart with my youngest.


  1. Chris Fretwell says

    While as another item, I like the meal planner, the one that interests me the most is this one on sleep. It is sometimes an easy thing at my place and sometimes so hard. While I prefer not to use charts I found they were great for one twin during potty training.

  2. Lee Ann says

    I have to be honest the product Im most interested in is the sleep chart as my daughter is moving to her new room next week before our second baby is born and will be switched from a crib to a big girl bed and this chart would be great to help her transition better. What kid does not like rewards, right.

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