Toopy & Binoo Fun and Games Review

Toopy & Binoo Fun and Games

My Little One, who is growing up so fast, and 7 years old now has loved Toopy & Binoo for as long as I can remember. I am pretty sure that we own every single DVD and CD that is out. She also has he own Patchy Patch that gets the honor of sleeping with her every single night. As my Little One gets older, I put the responsibility on her to help me review live entertainment for kids. This time around her assignment was the newest Toopy & Binoo live show called Fun and Games. So what did … [Read more...]

Toopy & Binoo And The Marshmallow Moon

Toopy and Binoo

Please welcome Fern, MomMomOnTheGo's Toronto Correspondent who was out in the field today to review Toopy & Binoo And The Marshmallow Moon in Toronto, Ontario Canada. So this was my first time at a live play for children and really wasn't quite sure what to expect. The audience was filled with excited children anxiously awaiting the show to start. I took my 5 year old daughter and her 4 year old friend who is a big Toppy and Binoo fan. The set was a perfect representation of the … [Read more...]

Toopy & Binoo Marshmallow Moon Presale Show Code

I just purchased my Toopy & Binoo Marshmallow Moon show tickets with the presale offer code: MOON Get your tickets for the Toopy & Binno Marshmallow Moon show now before they go on sale to the public on November 6th, 2010. This is Toopy and Binno in their theatrical debut. Presale Period: Nov 1 at 10 AM - Nov 5 at 10 PM Discount Period: Nov 1 at 10 AM - Nov 14 at 10 PM For a limited time, … [Read more...]

Toopy & Binoo Live

Our 3 year old daughter is absolutely crazy about Toppy & Binoo. She has loved them since she has started watching television. If your little one is crazy about Toopy & Binoo then you will want to know that they are coming for Live appearances in various malls across Canada. Curious about the dates and location nearest to you? Then you have to check out their TOOPY AND BINOO ONLINE. … [Read more...]