Kobo Glo HD Review Mom2Mom Challenge

One thing that I love reviewing is books. I review books all the time, whether they are non-fiction, fiction, children's books, educational books, and even magazines. I have always been in love with the feel of a book. I honestly have avoided the … [Read More...]

Shopkins Fridge

Shopkins – So Cool Fridge

One of my Little One's favorite product right now is Shopkins. If you have a Little One you are probably already very familiar with Shopkins. If you follow me regularly, then you have probably seen our reviews of the Shopkins figurines and the … [Read More...]

Kidz Gear

KIDZ GEAR™ Headset Headphones

Over the years we have tried a number of different headphones for my Little One and often are disappointed because they always seem to not fit the smaller heads properly. I am also always concerned about the volume and whether the headphones have a … [Read More...]

Cloud b Cosmic UFO

Cloud b Cosmic UFO

There are a number of companies that I just totally love and Cloud b is one of them. I love the line of products that you can find at Cloud b as well as the quality of their products. I have put countless Cloud b products to the test and I have … [Read More...]

Hope & Miracles

Chicken Soup for the Soul – Hope & Miracles

Do you ever read a book, or a story and get chills? I am not talking about the spine tingling chills from a horror movie. I mean those ones that stem from that feeling of belief....belief in things just turning out alright even when it seems like … [Read More...]

Shopkins Fruit and Vegetable stand

Shopkins Fruit & Vegetable Stand

If you have a Little One, then you probably have heard about Shopkins. I know that I hear about them non-stop. :)My Little One just turned 8 and she has an enormous collection of Shopkins that she loves. What she has added to her Shopkins' … [Read More...]


Dream Tea Boutique

If you follow me you know that I love coffee. Coffee is my morning get up and go, but tea is my all day long and evening beverage of choice.I have a lot of favorite teas. Recently I got a chance to try out a few teas from Dream Tea Boutique. … [Read More...]

Super Luminal

Cooper & Kid

Sometimes I come across a product that just blows me away with not only the product itself, but the company, founder, and the founder's story. Cooper & Kid has not only impressed me beyond words, it gave me the chills when I read the story of how … [Read More...]

Red Wine

For the Wine Lovers – Tesco Wines

Best Wines to Enjoy After A Hard Day Tesco Wine A Long Hard Day - What to Choose?Work can drag and time can definitely seem like the enemy when all you want to do is get home, put your feet up in front of the settee and enjoy a nice glass of … [Read More...]

Day Out With Thomas

Day Out With Thomas – Squamish 2015

This fun-filled event offers little engineers and their families the opportunity to take a ride with Thomas the Tank Engine, star of the popular Thomas & Friends® series. In addition, children will meet Sir Topham Hatt™, Controller of the Railway and … [Read More...]