HairThingz Review & Giveaway

There is an amazing product that I have recently come across and our entire family loves and it is called HairThingz.

One of the most recognized endorsements a product can receive is from Parent Tested Parent Approved, also known as PTPA, and HairThingz is a PTPA WINNER.

HairThingz are really fun to use and fancy up hair with. There are endless possibilities with these awesome HairThingz that really your imagination is only the limit. The Official HairThingz website provides an entire section on How It Works with step by step instructions, photos and even video. Let’s take a look at a video now.

HairThingz catch people’s eyes. The kids that saw this product on my little one were very intrigued by it and curious as to where we got it.

HairThingz would be an amazing product for Dance Schools, Gymnastic Clubs and Cheer leading squads among many other teams, organizations and sports. They help snazzy up the hair and keep it in place. With so many color choices, they are bound to add a little something extra to a costume or outfit. I really cannot say enough great things about this fun product.

If you follow me regularly either here or on my Social Media outlets, then you know that I also have a Distribution Website. I am so in love with HairThingz that I am going to spoil the surprise that we are currently in talks for me to represent their company for distribution into Canada. Anyone wishing to make an inquiry please feel free to contact me.

Courtesy of HairThingz, one lucky MomMomOnTheGo fan will receive their very own package of HairThingz. This contest is open to residents of Canada and the USA who are over the age of 18 and where it is permitted by local laws to enter. Please ensure you familiarize yourself with your local laws pertaining to entering and winning prizes.

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Disclosure: HairThingz provided MomMomOnTheGo a sample of the product in order to perform testing and write a review of the product. As always these opinions are mine and are what I truthfully feel about the product.


  1. hope britton says:

    Angela Keith .. superstar is super! :) good luck all!

  2. Pretty Princess

  3. Angela Keith

  4. Sherease MacCraken says:

    I LOVE the superstar!

  5. Marija Pudar says:

    Angel Keith

  6. Marija Pudar says:

    Pretty Princess.

  7. cheryl dangelo says:

    here’s the link to my facebook share with you

    Cheryl D’Angelo
    HairThingz Review & Giveaway |
    Come read about HairThingz as we recently got to review them and love them. Enter our giveaway for a chance to win your very own package of HairThingz.
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  8. cheryl dangelo says:

    angela keith

  9. cheryl dangelo says:

    I like super star best

  10. Angela Keith is behind Hair Thingz

  11. woulc like to try pretty princess!

  12. Kim Greig says:

    Angel Keith

  13. Kim Greig says:


  14. Kim Dougherty says:

    I would love the pretty princess ones!!

  15. Sonya Neely Blanton says:

    Angela Keith is the awesome Mom! =D

  16. Sonya Neely Blanton says:

    I would love to try the SuperStar pack or the Pretty Princess Pack! Thanks for the chances! =D

  17. naomi winkel says:

    Angela Keith

  18. naomi winkel says:


  19. kathy mckinley says:

    Angela Keith!! Would try anyone of them!!

  20. Tabitha Zehner says:

    Angela Keith!

  21. Tabitha Zehner says:

    I would like to try the Sunburst :)

  22. Amanda Lyn says:

    Angela Keith

  23. Amanda Lyn says:

    Pretty Princess

  24. Annette Teribury says:


  25. Annette Teribury says:

    cupcake looks the best

  26. Annette Teribury says:

    love it

  27. ASHLEY O says:

    Angela Keith is the CREATIVE mom behind Hairthingz.!!!

  28. ASHLEY O says:

    I like the Pretty Princess the most!
    But the Cupcake, Super Star & Sunburst are all equally Cute :)

  29. Angela Keith is that mom

  30. pretty princess please

  31. Super star

  32. Angela Keith

  33. April Harper says:

    Angela Keith is behind Hair Thingz , and I would love to win Pretty Princess.

  34. April Harper says:

    Those look so neat I never seen anything like it

  35. Pretty Princess!

  36. she takes pride in having an American made product.

  37. Cupcake

  38. Catherine Gerard says:

    I like the Pretty Princess:)

  39. Darrah Dussome says:

    Angela Keith

  40. Darrah Dussome says:

    Pretty Princess :)

  41. sarie sophie says:


  42. sarie sophie says:

    Angela Keith!

  43. The awesome mom is angela keith !!! Good for you !!!


  45. Christy Crider says: I couldn’t tag HairThingz but this is the link of the share. Thank you :)

  46. tracy hill says:

    love the hairthingz

  47. Christy Crider says:

    Angela Keith :)

  48. Christy Crider says:

    Would love the Superstar. My daughter doesn’t like pink in anything. lol..crazy I know :)

  49. Jolene B says:

    Cupcake pkg!

  50. Cynthia K says:

    Angela Keith

  51. Cynthia K says:

    I would like to try SuperStar

  52. Angela Keith

  53. pretty princess

  54. Kim Wiebe says:

    I would pick pretty princess!

  55. Kim Wiebe says:

    Angela Keith is her name, and she sound like she`s very busy! lol

  56. Angela Keith is the lady behind the HairThingz!

  57. I would like the Super Star :o)

  58. Joce Lyne says:


  59. Joce Lyne says:

    angela keith

  60. Carolyn Ann Colley (Griffith, Smith) says:

    I would choose the Pretty Princess
    Angela Keith
    facebook share:
    thanks for the giveaway

  61. Jenny Stewart says:

    Angela Keith is the maker of HairThingz

  62. Jenny Stewart says:

    Would love to try, “cupcake” on my daughter!

  63. Angela Keith is the mom behind Hairthingz.

  64. I like the Super Star colors! :)

  65. Danielle Pellerine says:

    I would really love to try these out! I would like the SuperStar package of HairThingz please, and thank you for the great giveaway!

  66. My 4 girls would LOVE these!!!!!

  67. Marti Parks says:

    I would like Pretty Princess.

  68. CHRIS COOK says:

    Angela Keith!

  69. cindy lee mckenzie (ann thibeault on FB) says:

    love the sunburst kit

  70. CHRIS COOK says:


  71. Angela Keith is behind Hair Thingz

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